Level 1-Islamic Studies for 04th, 11th, & 18th March 2018

Assalamu Alikum Wr Wbr, Dear Parents, Alahamdulillah, the children are becoming more comfortable and settling in well as they have begun to understand how the routine of the Sunday school operates and are more familiar with their new surrounding and faces within the CIS at the Yarralumala masjid. They are also making new friendships among their groups and also developing […]

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Level 7 girls, Term1,week2

Asalamoalykum wrmt wbrkt,   Al hamdu lillah we were in the second week of Canberra Islamic school(Sunday). It was great to see our youth participating in the class. In Sha ALLAh I am hoping next Sunday everyone brings something to present to the class. word meanings, history of AL-Fatiha, benifits, importance or any other relevant material. Please feel free to see the […]

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