• Term 4 2019 begins on Oct 13

    Major events this Term: Term 4 Dates 13 Oct – 15 Dec, 2019 Sat, 30 Nov (TBC) Annual Excursion, date TBC Weeks 6-7 Assessments Sun, 15 Dec Prize-Giving Assembly

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  • Quran Learning Links

    Quran Learning – Juz ‘Amma Links To help with Quran understanding, recitation and memorization it is very important to spend some time everyday to read, recite, understand and memorize. Here are some […]

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Level 7 girls, Term1,week2

Asalamoalykum wrmt wbrkt,   Al hamdu lillah we were in the second week of Canberra Islamic school(Sunday). It was great to see our youth participating in the class. In Sha ALLAh I am hoping next Sunday everyone brings something to present to the class. word meanings, history of AL-Fatiha, benifits, importance or any other relevant material. Please feel free to see the […]

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