Canteen Ramadhan Special – 21 May

Special Ramadhan Goodie Bags will be available at the Canteen this Sunday – 21 May – the last canteen before Ramadhan starts. Please see the Newsletter for details.

All money collected from the sale will be given to Human Appeal International, Australia – a Muslim charity. This a great opportunity as we prepare ourselves for Ramadhan to talk to the children about Sadaqah – a Beautiful Loan given in Allah’s Name – and the immense returns we can get from Allah for it!

There will be no canteen during Ramadhan.

Canteen Ramadhan Special Flyer

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  • Baraka ALLAHO feeki Sisters for all the great effort and the halal, healthy and yummy food provided for the kids and staff. May ALLAH reward you with the fruits of JANNAH. Ameen

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