Week of Sun, 15 March; L3.2 Islamic Studies

Sunday, 15 March

Level 3.2

Islamic Studies Homework

Teacher: Sr Niken

Mashallah, the children are very enthusiastic in saying and replying to salaam. Please continue to provide them with support and the best environment to learn Islam every day.
This weeks homework is memorising the adhan. It is outlined in the text book “We are Muslims” lesson 15, page 46.
The kalimat in the adhan includes the shahada, so it should not be too hard for your children to memorise a few more kalimat.
  1. For those who haven’t memorised the adhan at all, please assist them in memorising and practicing the adhan at home. Your children can be the muadzin for family’s salat al-jama’ah.
  2. For those who have memorised it, please assist them in  memorising and practicing how to respond to the adhan.
  3. For those who have memorised both the adzan and the response, mashallah, please assist them in memorising the meaning.


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