Lvl 3.1 Arabic with Sr Ihsan, 24th April

Asslam alikom
we revised the letters ب , ت , ث
the words :
بَنَدُورَة: means tomato : banadora
تُفَاح : means Apple : Toffaح
بَاب: means door : Bab
بَابَا: means dady : Baba
تاتا \ نانا : means my grandma  : tِata , Nana
بَيْت : means house : Bayt

بُوبُو : means baby  : Bobo

The kids had some cherry tomatoes and apples to eat, so enshala it will help them to memorize it easier

as I’ve used their senses : see the tomato, touch it , hear its name in Arabic, smell for sure and eat it.

and the kids where able to ask for what they would like to eat

like :  I want بَندورة please

Could you please help your children practice these words and memorize them with their meanings, that will be great.

jazakom allah

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