Level 3 Arabic class

Assalam alikom parents
alhamdullelah our booklet has finished from the printer, your kids had them for one week, hopefully you had a look at them.
I’ve taken them back, as we need them in each class.

Any way, we took the following letters week 8, و ,   ا ى , ي
in week 10 we took ي, ب, ت, ث , ن
how they look like in the beginning , middle and end of the word
as ب ت ث ن ي has the same shape in the beginning and middle , the dot is the different (found it easier for kids ). بـ تـ ثـ نـ يـ \ ـبـ ـتـ ـثـ ـنـ ـيـ
ب ت ث has the same shape at the end of the word; also the number of dots is what makes them different. ـب ـت ـث
ي ن has their own shape ـن ـي

we practised ا ى ي ب ن
enshalla we will continue in term 2.
I know its holiday now, but if you can go a quick revision with your kids what we have taken in term 1 , that will be appreciated.

attachment file for practicing, if needed  كراسة 2

jazakom allah

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