Level 3.1 Arabic with Sr Ihsan, 1 May

Asslam alikom
we took today letter س , ش
the words :
سُوس : means Liquorice  : Sos
شَعْر : means hair  : shaعr
أَسنَان : means teeth : Asnan
فُرْشَاة : means brush  : Forshat
فُرْشَاة أَسْنَان : tooth brush : forshat asnan
فُرْشَاة شَعْر : hair brush : Forshat shaعr

Could you please help your children practice these words and memorize them with their meanings, that will be great.

The kids got today their exercise books, they’ve got the following pages hw
please make sure they do the homework and they bring the books next week enshalla.

p كراسة -6 : letter س only
p تمارين – 2

see the attachment for English version تمارين -2 p :
jazakom Allah .

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