Term 1, Level 1 home work & progress

2015 Term 1 Arabic L1 & L2

Asalamoalikum wrmt,

Alhamdollilah we had great term1. Hope every one is enjoying their holidays. During this term we learnt Tauz and Tasmiyah( Audobillahay minashaytaun nirajeem. Bismillahir Rahman niraheem), Arabic Alphabets Alif to Yaa. Words where you bite your tongue( Tha Zaa, Zua) Throttle letters, heavy and light letter, The family letters and the routes of Letters. where they come from.

It is very easy for little ones to forget what they have learnt in class specially during school holidays, So I have attached some pictures for them to see and practice at home. Inshallah I will attaché some web links as well for online practice.


20150315_130537 20150315_130529 20150315_130606ArabicAlphabetFloorPuzzle4 20150315_130521arabic-alphabet-kids-1-23855282 ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? kids arabic kids tableMatL_02NA  MyArabicNumberBook

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