Term2, week2 Lvl 3.1

Alhamdulillah we learnt Suratul Ikhlas this week and kids were told about the story of Suratul Ikhlas.

They have been asked to do a bit of research about Firaun (Pharoah) and the miracle of Allah subhanahu wata’ala and write it in their own words: could be 5 lines or more.

Mashallah, in last two weeks it was great to see most of the kids bringing their homework on posters and presenting in class. Inshallah it will keep them motivated to learn the meaning of the surahs and understand the importance of the Quran for the whole life.

Please visit houseofquran.com or quranexplorer.com and let the kids practice the surah they learnt to improve their makharij, Inshallah

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