3.1 Islamic Studies – Test Preparation

Level 3.1 Islamic Studies learned these Topics in Term 1 and 2


Greeting as Muslim, Muslim beliefs, Imam Mufassal with meaning, Allah’s commands and teachings, Shahadah, Adhan and Iqamah with meaning, Tahara before Salah.

Salah – Dua Thana, Niyyah, Qiyam, Ruku, Qawmah, Sajdah, sura Tashud, Salatu-l-ibrahimiyyah and Taslim

Salah – Two Rakat and four Rakat fard salah

Marks for the test accumulated as:

Number Items to follow Markes
1 Attendance 10
2 Homework 25
3 Class Participation 25
4 Test
Oral 10
Written 10
Practical (Salah) 20
Total 100


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