A1, Term 1, Arabic program

Asalamoalykum wrmt wbrkt,


Al hamdu Lillah it was great to see all the students and parents in the class. The course program was handed over to all the parents and also attached here for the links to be practised at home. In Sha ALLAh as mentioned in class every day 10-15 minutes practice will help children learn a lot. This week we learnt Tauz and Tasmiya along with Alif , Baa, Taa, and Tha ا،ب،ت،ث. How we pronounce them with smiley face and how we bite our tongue on Tha.

Please feel free to see me in school, by email, or send an SMS if you have any concerns or suggestions.

2018 A1 Arabic Course Program



Saima Durrani



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