Assessment Arabic L3 with Srs Hannan & Sayara

Assalamualeykum Dear Parents.

Arabic Assessment L3 with Srs Hannan & Sayara

We are conducting the assessment for The Arabic level 3 students for that the students needs to practise

  1. short vowels ( fatah , Damma , Kasrah )and long vowels( MADD with ا Aleef)
  2. joining letters . Students will be ask to join the three letters with the short vowels.
  3. Practise reading page no 29 and 35 from The easy Quran reading book.
  4. Practise the right makharij of the Arabic Aphabets

Memorise the Heavy letters you can find these letters from page no. 5 easy Quan reading.

JazakumAllah khairan

Sr Sayara and Sr Hannan


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