CIS Iftar & Competions

All children get a gift!

To volunteer towards the Iftar and dessert or helping out: 

Quran Competition – For ages up to 18

Register online for the Quran Competition here:

To prepare for the competition, practice the surah/few ayaat you are best at.

If you are registering on the day, please arrive at the Masjid at 2:00pm so you can register for the Quran competition and then pray Salatul ‘Asr together. You may also like to help decorate the Masjid!

Registrations for the Quran Comp will close and the competition will start promptly at 3:10pm, inshaAllah

Upon registration, you will receive a slip with your name and the category you will compete in:

  • A: Knows few surahs (less than 1 Juz)
  • B: Knows 1-3 Juz
  • C: Knows more than 4 Juz

Given the time constraint, each competitor will have a maximum of 30 seconds to recite a short surah or few verses of their choice.

Round 1: Everyone will have one round in the competition,

Round 2: 5 children from each category who qualify from Round 1 will compete in Round 2. This Round will take place if time permits – changes may have to be made on the day depending on time constraints.

The visiting Imam will be judging, inshaAllah.

Creative Competitions

Levels 1, 2 and 3- Lantern Decorations

You will need to make one or more lanterns that can be used as decorations on the Iftar night. On the lanterns, include words or sentences that you know about Ramadan.

Levels 4 and 5- Design an Iftar Night

You will need to design an imaginary Iftar night. Think about things that are done if you want to invite your families, friends or neighbours over to your house for special occasions such as Iftar or Eid celebrations.

In putting your Iftar night together, you can create like an art and craft book where you show your ideas for your imaginary Iftar night, your invitation design, what you will wear, what you will cook for your guests, design of any gifts you might give your guests on their way home. Do not forget to include why Iftar is important in Ramadan.

Levels 6 and 7- Ramadan Duaa Journal

You will need to make a mini book where you will write your Duaa for the last ten days of Ramadan. How you design the book is up to you, but it needs to be readable. Do not forget to include information about the importance of the last ten days/nights of Ramadan- if you want bonus marks.   

If you have any questions, you can ask Sister Marwat:

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