Homework for Lvl 3.1

We have completed Alhamdollilah Surah Alfatiha, Surah-tul-falaq, Surah-tun-nas. Alhamdollilah we did practice the words meaning and explanation of the Surah’s and story behind. Kids are asked to practice them well at home and try to learn the meanings. This term Instead of regular homework we worked on repetition and to practice well students were asked to make posters, writing helps them remember the meaning well.

Inshallah after coming back in start of term 2 we will have a short review and a small test for them hoping they have practiced. InshaAllah. For recitation and practice they can go to www.quranexplorer.com  Preferably listen to Sheikh Al-husary for good makharij and pronunciation.

or follow the link and download the quran for practice with muaalim. http://www.tvquran.com/en/minshawi_molem_d.htm


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