Level 1- Islamic Studies 25/02/18

Assalamu Alaikum Wr Wbr,

Dear parents,

Alhamdulillah, last Sunday we spoke about “What Muslims say”. Before we began we discussed of the typical routine all need to follow as they come in to the class after the 2nd recess. This gave the children an understanding of a few basic rules to follow in getting ready for the lesson as well as we spoke of some rules to follow during the lesson. The children agreed that this was important so the lesson will be beneficial to all and not disturb anyone. They also understood that these are a part of good manners, which we Muslims should always be mindful of always.

The children identified the action of saying nice things as part of having good manners, Then they were introduced to some Arabic phrases like Bismillah, assalmau alaikum, Alhamdulillah and so on by a nasheed and a story book. Some of them were familiar with some of these phrases as they said that they heard their mum/dad/brother/sister saying them. We then practiced the different scenarios one would use these phrases like when meeting some one, before eating and so on. Subhanallah, at the end of the class most of them were quite familiar with these new phrases.

InsaaAllah, please find their homework in the folders, they need to colour it in and then practice the Arabic phrases one by one until they are familiar with them. Please encourage them to use these in their daily routine. If your child was absent for any lessons, the missed homework sheets will be placed in the folder on the day they are back in class, InshaaAllah.

** Please note that ONLY Islamic studies homework sheets need to be in the folders, all other books and Arabic activity sheets can be kept in a separate folder. This is much convenient for us to look at their homework in the short lesson time we have.

Once again if you have anything to discuss regarding your child or lessons, please feel free to chat to me right after the lesson before the Luhr prayer or you could email me.

JazzakhAllah Khair,


Sister Rozana

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