Level 1-Islamic Studies lesson on 08/04/18

Assalamu alaikum Wr Wbr,

Dear Parents,

Alhamdulillah, after a quick revision of the six articles of faith, we spoke further of the first article of faith, “Belief in Allah”.

We began by engaging the children in discussion of a picture of two muslim children playing in a playground. This included some open ended questions focusing on giving the children an understanding of the One Creator of all living and natural things around them, Allah. They were taught that the Arabic word for Creator was “Al Khaliq” . To further reinforce this a Nasheed describing Allah’s creations was recited, the children were able to name Allah’s creations mentioned in the Nasheed.

A poem, “Allah is One” was then recited to help children to identify Allah as One God and Allah as Eternal. Arabic words “Al Ahad” and “As Samad” were also taught which meant “Only One” and “Eternal”. To further reinforce this a mini book called “Allah” was read out which the children listened to with much interest.

As part of evaluating what was learnt the children were asked some questions which the children attempted answering confidently, Alhamdulillah.

The Questions were,

  • What do you know about Allah?
  • How many Allahs are there?
  • Why do we pray to Allah?
  • Is there anyone else we can pray to?
  • Does Allah have a family?
  • How is Allah different from anything on earth?
  • What does As Samad mean?
  • What is the Arabic word for Creator?

**Please use these questions to help your children revise what was learnt in class**

Finally the children were very keen on naming an attribute of Allah or a creation of Allah which they had learnt in class and earned a sticker as a reward for their participation and efforts, MashaAllah!

Their homework can be found in their folders (emailed for those absent), which needs to be coloured in and decorated which will be used for “show & tell” about Allah on their first lesson on Term 2, InshaaAllah. **

** POEM & HOMEWORK sheet attached in email InshaaAllah! **


Sister Rozana (Class Teacher).

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