Level 3.1, Islamic Studies, Term Two: The steps for Wudu

Today (8 May 2016) students learned the reason for Wudu and how is done step by step.
As Wudu (ablution) includes material and spiritual cleaning together and enables material cleanliness; it is an indispensable step of worshipping that gives a Muslim peace in heart and spiritual power. A Muslim prepares himself for worshipping spiritually and bodily when he makes Wudu.
A Muslim who makes Wudu is purified and cleaned from both material and spiritual ways. His sins are washed away as he washes body parts; it is stated that each body parts washed for Wudu will shine brightly on the Day of Resurrection. Please follow the steps when they do their Wudu.
Steps are shown in the homework.
The steps for wudu

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