Level 3 Quran – 16 July

Level 3 Quran with Sr Saima

Week 1 – 16 July, 2017
Welcome back to CIS in Term 3.
Sr Saima is away for a couple of weeks, Sr Sumaiya will be taking her Quran lessons with Level 3, inshaAllah.
It was disappointing to see only 10 students back on day one (16 July) out of 28 students! For those who were absent, please use the notes below to help your child catch up.
It was noted that many of the students do not have the textbook: Juz ‘Amma Vol 1:
Inline images 1 If your child has not received the book please collect one from the office before class starts next week. If the book has been lost, you will need to purchase a replacement.
LESSON 16 July, 2017
We are studying Surah al-‘Asr and will continue this for the next two weeks, inshaAllah. What we did:
  1. recited and repeated the surah together a few times.
  2. discussed the general story of surah al-Asr:
    • shortest surah in the Quran, 103rd surah, 3 ayaat (verses)
    • Asr (Time):
      • how important time is,
      • it runs out,
      • we can’t ever get it back!
      • we have to use it carefully
      • if we don’t use time properly or waste it, we will be losers
    • What it means to be a loser – Allah will be unhappy
    • To not become of the losers, we have to do 4 things:
      1. believe in Allah and follow His guidance
      2. do good things
      3. encourage others to do good
      4. encourage others to be patient and try harder when things go wrong
Next week, inshaAllah, we will explore the theme further and learn the meaning of the ayaat.
Please help you child memorise or correct their memorisation of surah al-Asr by using this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFQZ7YNvleo

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