Lvl-1 and Lvl-2

Alhamdollilah It was a great opportunity  to see and talk to quite a few parents about our learning journey and syllabus This year. The parents who missed this opportunity can have a look at our updated syllabus online. Our activity book will be uploaded later this week and will be provided to all the students for second lesson, I am happy to answer any question by email or in between the breaks. All parents are requested to spend 10 minutes every day with their children and encourage them to enjoy the activities on our website/ activity corner.

MashaAllah we had another wonderful week, Kids enjoyed learning as much as we enjoyed teaching them. Students practiced their Taud and Tasmiah and Arabic alphabets focusing on bite your tongue letters. which are Tha, Zha and Zua.  Insha Allah I will upload the picture shortly in activity corner.some practice of pronounce and write alphabet is also there.


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