Lvl 3.1 Quran Homework

Asalamoalaikum wrmt wbrkt.

Respected Parents Alhamdollilah Kids have started memorising the Quran starting with Surah Al-Fatiha the basic and essential for our salah and every aspect of life. In our class main focus is for kids to recite the surah with proper makharij and understand the meaning.  When we recite Quran or during salah we should understand the theme going behind the words we are pronouncing. attached is the homework we started during class and students are supposed to finish at home and bring back next lesson.

Please encourage them to listen to sheikh Al-Husary or any other qari of your choice; or go to Student Corner and Activity Nook, look for appropriate link and you are all good to go. Kids listening will help them correct their makharij. In Sha Allah



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