Lvl 3.1 Quran Week 3, Term 2

This week we revised first 5 surah’s with word meaning and short explanation. InShaALLAh we are ready for the test which will take place in next 1-2 weeks. This week students have been asked to write a story from any of those surah’s to give them confidence and a constant reminder of the story .

***Our Students of the Week are Luay Asfour, Abdullah Khan and Zunairah Sayeed. Masha ALLAH TabarakaALLAH. Luay is been chosen third time in a row for good word meaning and remembering the story of the Surah.(ALLAHO AKBAR). May ALLAH keep all the children achieving high grades and hoping this week some more students will get the title of Student of the week. Keep up the good work.


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