Lvl 4,5B Arabic Group A2 – Term 3 – Br. Zaid

Assalamo Alaikom Dear Parents,

In this week, we have introduced the class to the colours in Arabic.

Below are the most common colours across most languages. In Arabic, these colours’ name are:

  • أَسْوَد (= Aswad) Black
  • أَبْيَض (= Abaidh) White
  • أَحْمَر (= Ahmar) Red
  • أَصْفَر (= Asfar) Yellow
  • أَزْرَق (= Azraq) Blue
  • أَخْضَر (= Akhdhar) Green
  • زَهْرِي (= Zahri) or وَرْدِي (= Wardi) Pink
  • بُرْتُقَالِي (= Burtuqali) Orange
  • بُنْيِّ (= Bunni) Brown
  • بَنَفْسَجِي (= Banafsaji) Purple
  • رَمَادِي (= Ramadi) Gray



Exercise – Translate the following statements into Arabic ones:

  1. This is a black pen.


  1. That is a green book.


  1. This is a blue pen under a brown chair.


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