Lvl 4,5B Arabic Group A2 – Term 3 – Week 4 – Br. Zaid

Assalamo Alaikom Dear Parents,

Starting this term – term 3, the class has been practicing reading, writing and constructing (speaking) basic statements in Arabic as in:

  • Differentiating between Masculine and Feminine Nouns – المذكر و المؤنّثُ
  • Recognizing basic Colours.
  • Building basic sentences using the above.

For this week (targeting Sunday 14th August), I would like to seek your assistance to work with your kids to walk though the attached exercise. I would suggest to review previous posts and in class exercises to help you progressing in this one.

Exercise: L4-5 B_Colours Exercise_Br Zaid

Don’t forget us from Dua’a

Jazakom Allaho Khairan,


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