Mogo Zoo Excursion – November 2015

On 29 November, 2015 CIS went on our annual excursion – this time to Mogo Zoo.

All praise is to Allah for the great day and company we had on our trip to Mogo Zoo. Allah blessed us with good weather, yes, it did get a little hot and humid for us Canberrans, but we did pretty well!

157 students, parents, siblings and even grandparents and staff went to Mogo Zoo. We travelled by three coaches from Bensleys in Braidwood.

I must say, Sally, the owner of Mogo Zoo (she is the lady who welcomed us at the start) and other staff at the Zoo were very impressed with the behavior and conduct of our students and tour group – MashaAllah!
Lunch was crisp and yummy when it arrived – the only issue was that Berny’s Fish & Chips underestimated the time it would take to cook enough for 157 hungry hippos! We were informed by Bernys that they prepared the chips from fresh potatoes (chipped and fried at the premises) and fish from fresh fish – nothing was out of frozen packets!
The Coach trip was enjoyable – we watched the CIS video clips and photos with nasheed DVDs, had a quiz and jokes/riddles session as well. Alhamdulillah, we had fun as I expect everybody else did.

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