• Term 3 starts Sun, 11 July, 2021

    Schedule for Term 3: (Eid-ul-Adha on 10 Dhul Hajj, will likely fall on Tue, 20 July – confirmation will be received from the Imam’s Council of ACT.)

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  • CIS has a new home!

    Alhamdulillah, the executive committees of both CIC (Canberra Islamic Centre) and the CIS (Canberra Islamic School), have agreed in-principle to merge the two schools as one institution and run it […]

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  • Enrolment Waiting List

    Enrolments close at the end of the 2nd Sunday of any Term. Student numbers are limited to 20 per Level. Outside of this time, please fill in the online CIS […]

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  • Quran Learning Links

    Quran Learning – Juz ‘Amma Links To help with Quran understanding, recitation and memorization it is very important to spend some time everyday to read, recite, understand and memorize. Here are some […]

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Lessons on Hajj

Levels Lesson Links All levels Especially L1-3 01-Level 1-3 Hajj Stories 02-Level 1-7-Talbiyya 03-Level 1-7-Etiquette of Eid Eid Salat 01-Levels 3-7 Hajar (a) – lessons we can learn from her Levels 4-7 01-Levels 4-7 The Story of Hajj 02-Levels 4-7 Hajj Brief Summary 03-Level 4-7-Importance of the first 10 days of Dhul Hajj Levels 5-7 04-Level 5-7-Hajj Step by Step […]

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