Lvl 5G Islamic Studies: Term 3 Week 7 (6 Sept, 2015)

On 6 Sept we discussed the Hajj model (diorama) up to the Day of Arafat (9th Dulhijjah), and didn’t have enough time to study about Yaum An Nahr (10th Dulhijjah) material given for homework last week. There were students who have neither read the page nor done the homework though. InshaAllah we’ll be covering 10th – 13th Dulhijjah this coming Sunday 13/9. For Parents: For […]

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Level 5G – Term 3 Islamic Studies

In Term 3, Level 5G have been studying Seeratun Nabi (History of Rasulullah (s)) and Hajj with Sr Niken. All lessons covered in Term 3 can be accessed at the following links: 2 Aug, 2015: Lesson 1-Before revelation 9 Aug, 2015: Lesson 2-Revelation, first, second stage 16 Aug, 2015: Lesson 3-Abyssinia 23 Aug, 2015: Lesson 4-Boycott 30 Aug, 2015: Hajj – Yaum-an-Nahr Hajj – Yaum-an-Nahr Hajj season […]

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