Term 1, LVL-1, Week-1 2016

Asalamoalikum wrmt wbrkt,

Ahlan wasahlan Marhaba. Welcome to new students and welcome back to all the students from last years. Alhamdollilah we are all happy energized and ready for the year ahead. It was a pleasure to see all the parents and students with energy spirit and desire of learning knowledge. Alhamdollilah today we had our introductory class and next week we will have the information session. Today we learnt about the importance of Arabic alphabets and how to pronounce taud and tasmiah( please check activity nook in student corner for practice). and we also learnt Alif Baa Ta and Tha. we did not rush to learn all the alphabets at once as we wish the kids to learn with proper makharij and by heart. ( please let them practice in study nook). In Sha ALLAH we will continue with more next week until then enjoy your week and encourage kids to practice only 10 minutes a day.

BarakaALLAHO feeki.

Umi Zayyan.

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