TERM 2-Week 1-Islamic Studies lesson for level 1-(24/04/16)

Our first topic for this term was, “Allah is One, Allah is Eternal”.

Alhamdulillah, after a nice long break it was delightful to see the enthusiastic little children with some new faces too. After getting to know our new friends, the topic was introduced.

With the use of some flash cards and a mini book, the children were able to identify the following characteristics of Allah(SWT),

Allah is the only One God we pray and worship to. He is Al-Ahad.

He was not born nor will He die. He does not have any parents nor any children.

He is not like anything we know. Allah is As-Samad.

A colouring worksheet to reinforce the Oneness of Allah(SWT) was sent in their plastic folder.

*For all new students: Please complete homework and send along in plastic folder every Sunday to school.


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