Term 2, Week 2 Lvl1

Asalamoalikum wrmt,photo 1photo 2

This week we practiced  our alphabet again and I notice few students are still struggling to recognize them.

We played pass-the-parcel game with alphabets so each student had a chance to randomly tell us the alphabet. Kids can go to www.Islamicplayground.com for some practice or with parents and the pictures we have uploaded before can help them practice well. Inshallah in next two weeks we are planning to move forward for joining the letters.

Please help your kids for their upcoming assessments and improvements.

All the kids are reminded to come on time as late comers will be required to wait outside till the end of class, this is just to bring the uniformity Inshallah. We have only 30 minutes of 45 once a week for teaching and constant interruption can be waste of time. Jazakallah khair for your understanding.

some useful link  kihttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SP-VTereVw&list=PL5C3E5251AFA80D49


please copy paste them and let them watch


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