Term 2 Week 3 – Arabic Level 4/5 Boys

Masculine and Feminine Nouns – المذكر و المؤنّثُ

In Arabic language words are either masculine or feminine. A masculine word can be changed to a feminine by adding any of the following three symbols at the end of a masculine word:
• ة called Tā’ Marbūŧah,
• اء called Alif Mamdūdah or
• ىٰ called Alif Maqŝūrah.
However there are certain Feminine nouns and adjectives which do not have any of these three signs and are considered Feminine, for example: The earth الأَرْضُ and the sun الشَّمْسُ are feminine in Arabic language.


Looking at the list of words below, use the table to list the المذكر و المؤنّثُ:
شَّمْسُ : sun, كِتَابٌ : book, سَيَّارَة : car, مَسْجِدٌ : masjed, بِنْتٌ : girl, بَابٌ : door,
يَد : hand, بَيْتٌ: house, الأَرْضُ : the earth, قَلَم : pen, مَدِينَةُ : city, كُرْسِىّ : chair
مدرسة‎ : school, مِفْتَاح : key , السَّمَاءِ : sky, نَجْمٌ : star




 1 1
 2 2
 3 3
 4 4
 5 5
 6 6
 7 7
 8 8

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