Term2, Week3, Lvl 3.1

Term2, Week3, Lvl 3.1 Quran

Mashallah, last week we had good turnover for the homework from kids. Most of the kids brought their homework (translation of Surahs) and some students even did writing on Firaun (Pharoah) related to Suratul Ikhlas and explained the lesson they learnt from the life of Firaun and the belief in Oneness of ALLAH subhanahu wata’ala.

This week we learnt Suratul Masad and the story of Rasulullah and Abdul Uzza (Abu Lahab) and his wife and why and how Allah will punish them in the Hereafter.

Homework: Students are asked to do a bit of research on this surah and write a few lines in their own words and present them in class next week Inshallah.


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