Term2, Week4, Lvl 3.1

This week we learnt the QALQALA letters(Qaf,Tua,Ba,Jeem,Daal(qutbjad))

Image result for ghunna learn with picture

We also learnt Ghunna and tanween and little bit about shadda.


Inshallah in coming weeks more details practice will be done in class but students are requested to go to House of Quran or Quran Explorer and practice their surah’s with qari preferably sheikh Al-Husary.

Mash Allah I am very proud to have such good students in my class. We have been receiving home work from most of the students and for their motivation every week we will announce the student of the week.

Last week Yasmin Aissou was the student of the week and  this week Abdur Rahman and Maria Aamir are the student of the week for doing their homework with dedication and good thoughts.

This week Inshallah I am expecting rest of the class to bring back the homework for Suratul Lahab.


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